SJK(c) pujut MIRI! HERE!

anyone from SJK© PUJUT MIRI? i missed my old friends and yet i cant find them!! i lost all the contacts!

i graduate at 2002!! class 6B! :smiley: hope to find back old friends at here… :mrgreen:

i am nt your mum but i am your junior

lolz… when u graduate? what ur name? see i know ma? haah

gt so ngong i say at here meh?i graduate 2003,6m class…with ‘homeandry’,a mc net member also…

i graduate 2001 6m. U know Lim?

which lim?study at teknik after that?

cannot tell u here that i study at teknik. i will pm u that i study at teknik

ok…i wait your pm,i understand it is quite private and should nt tell other ppl in public

lolz… hope the same badge or same class with me de ppl can see this post… BUMP!

nt so easy lar…

im not pujut ppl…hehhe…

graduate 2003 here :slight_smile:

which class in 2003?

6 yellow :slight_smile:

hey!!pm me your name…i pm you first lah!

hey…seems like me and quota reunion bck!!‘areyoumymum’,it is ok for us if you are nt our badge,as long as same school,we are link!

lolz… can… so… u 2 2003 graduate? my junior? tell me ur 2 de name :smiley:

you dont knw me de lah,you wait quota give you his name…but hw can just we give you name?i pm you

hey, i also from SJK pujut… 1997 graduated (SRB chung hua pujut)
i am in 6B class… :smiley:

So i am ur uncle ehheheheheeee

mum?? oh, u r female??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
ASL pls???