Six hurt in oil platform blaze

[size=150]Six hurt in oil platform blaze[/size]

KUALA TERENGGANU: Six offshore oil rig workers were injured when a fire broke out at the Bekok C platform operated by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd about 200km off Terengganu waters.

They were among 102 people who were carrying out chores at the site when the incident occurred at 12.05am yesterday. All of them were evacuated to another platform by Petronas emergency response team.

Petronas Carigali said 108 workers were on the platform when the fire broke out.

Bekok C was undergoing a scheduled shutdown for maintenance during the mishap, it said in a statement.

The cause of the fire was still being investigated. Those injured were sent to Sultanah Nur Zahirah hospital here where they were recuperating.

They were identified as Alias Abdullah, 32, Mohd Hamzah Abdullah, 32, Mohd Fauzi Ibrahim, 37, M. Rishaudin Ismail, 32, Mohd Ariff Farimi, 28, and Zamri Wagiman, 33.

One of the injured was later sent to the ICU when his condition deteriorated.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, who visited the injured during the lunch break of the state legislative assembly, said the victims were traumatised over the incident.

They said sparks from one of the maintenance valves could have caused the fire. They were all panic-struck but were thankful there were no fatalities, he said.

Reporters were barred from interviewing the victims at the hospital.

maybe they didn’t conduct any gas test or flush the area properly before doing hot work…


any pics???

nah… i got this frm the star online…and as per mentioned, reporters are not allowed to interview the vics let alone go to the site.

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i thought oil and gas news is owes covered up… surprisingly this one goes to the newspapers… I wonder if it goes to global safety moment. hehehe

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nobody mention hot work…

nobody mention hot work…[/quote]

We’re not allowed to put any conclusion how this fire will be occur~~~~ at tis moment we just could hope all the injured personnel can b recover soon~~~

tidak heran if Carigali platform terbakar…it also happen in Bintulu … i guess no proper PTW and gas test…busy time for safety officer…saw it on the TV…

hmmmm…inexperienced S.H officer i guess…heard that they even recruited non-related SHE guys/gals to be their safety officers…org dlm maa… 8)

You guys are so funny… :lol:
Throwing a wild guess on the incident without knowing the fact and why should be the safety officer put on the blame

I’m not a carigali worker anyway

hot topic in our morning safety briefing. herm~

:shock: lol…still early la pulak, brain not functioning that well…nways, thank god the accident didnt claim any lives…

jz highlighted to the crews early tis morning and reminded them to follow all the requirements n do report to their supervisors if found smtg unsafe at the worksite~~~

semenanjung x mok kalah.cdak mok incident fire nok bsr gik dari bayan…

haha…dont simply blaming SHE…SHE personnel is not superman or any hero that can prevent all the incidents and accident…safety is depend ON YOU!..even there is 10 SHE personnel on board but zero commitment in safety by the workers and not doing safety as a culture also no use la bro…highly experience SH officer also still got incident and accident happen wat

mun tpt lain cedera 10 daknya mok mati 10 hahah :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

that statement is like ‘must have driving license to avoid accident’…

[quote=“Pujut Corner”]Throwing a wild guess on the incident without knowing the fact and why should be the safety officer put on the blame