Site of liquefied gas find attracts attention

The location where the liquefied gas was detected.

MIRI: The discovery of liquefied gas at a location near the Grand Old Lady at Canada Hill by hikers has attracted the attention of the locals as well as netizens after a video of the discovery went viral since Monday (Sept 14).

At the location where the liquefied gas was found, a pungent smell similar to diesel was noticed by hikers, who then went on to search for the source of the pungent smell.

Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebastian Ting, who was informed of the discovery, told reporters that he had already informed the Chief Minister’s Office of the matter.

“I will be approaching the relevant agency for further discussion on the next step, possibly investigation to be launched on that location,” said Ting.

Councillor Karambir Singh, who has been receiving calls from concerned members of the public regarding the discovery, is urging people to stay away from the location of the gas leakage to avoid unwanted incidents.

“The discovery of liquefied gas is a huge concern of safety. We do not know the exact type of gas that exists, but considering the issue of inflammability, health problem or possibly gas poisoning when inhaled too much, it is best for the public to stay away from it at the moment until the authorities take charge of it.

“We do not want to see the public, who go there for the sake of adventure, placing their life in danger,” said Karambir.

The metal pipe appears to be attached to an old oil well.

Not far from the location, hikers had also found a metal pipe with ‘W64’ imprinted on it, allegedly part of an oil rig from the 20th century.

According to a hiker who wants to be identified as Lo, though the estimated 10-foot long metal pipe that is still attached to an oil well appears to be rusty it is still very strong.

“When we went near the well, we could smell a strong pungent gas similar to kerosene,” he said.

After the discovery, it is expected that more locals will be visiting the location, he added.

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