Single again

  1. a lotta dilemma u know…


taking over the breadwinner’s position is quite tough for beginners…

having to think so hard on how to earn RM to pay rent, bills, food on the table for 2 children. (Luckily only 2!)

Women out there. Do not get too complacent with what you have. Just be prepared…


single mother i presume

It’s a hard life, don’t be sad

cheer up…we are all here to support you

Hi syirah08,

Just some information to share: I’ve heard that the gov will provide child welfare for single mums from the resident & district office. Their old link ( doesn’t seem to work anymore. But here is the contact no. should you find this useful: 085-433203

P/S: Welcome to

just think positive and be mentally strong…God willing u will succeed…keep ur faith strong and pray always

be strong!!



…thanks for being so supportive…


Be strong & Positive … Life Goes On ! Cheers :lol: :lol:

i just remember something about newly-divorced spouse…

u ACTUALLY can claim alimony from ur husband.
but must go to syariah court n many paper work.
it will b worth it bcos u can receive a sum of money 2 support ur children.

under civil law, a spouse (female) can oso claim the ownership of the house which her former spouse/ husband bought.
u should ask around (call the court officers or somebody).

it will involve paperworks but sure worth it…