Singapore's Crazy Horse topless cabaret to close


Thursday January 25, 2007

Singapore’s Crazy Horse topless cabaret to close

SINGAPORE: One of Singapore’s high-profile initiatives to shake off its straight-laced image has fallen flat, with the promoters of the topless Crazy Horse Paris cabaret announcing Thursday that it will close due to poor attendance.

Eng Wah Organization Ltd., which introduced the famous Parisian cabaret - known for its scantily dressed dancing girls - to Singapore a year ago with the support of the government, said it will book losses of 7.1 million Singapore dollars (US$4.6 million; euro3.5 million) because of the closure.

Eng Wah managing director Goh Min Yen said Singapore may not have been ready for the show.

"We may have brought it a little early. I believe that Singapore has the potential to support a vibrant nightlife and there will be future opportunities that we can explore,’’ she said at a news conference.

Singapore was the first city in Asia to host a Crazy Horse Paris cabaret, ahead of several other Asian cities, including Tokyo and Hong Kong, that have bid for rights to the show.

As part of a strategy to become a vibrant international city, Singapore has in recent times loosened some of its strict social controls.

Bar-top dancing is no longer illegal, chewing gum can be bought from drug stores and two casinos are being built.

The last show in Singapore of the cabaret, which has been running for 55 years in its Paris home, is scheduled for Jan. 31. - AP

Topless cabaret show in Singapore?? :shock: :shock:

Never heard of it… did any members being there before or heard it before?

Post comment if u have being there before ya… must be very expensive to get in and watch the show…