Singapore may allow use of MyKad


Thursday June 1, 2006

Singapore may allow use of MyKad

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians working in Singapore may be allowed to use their MyKad to enter the island republic after all.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said, however, they would have to bring along their international passports.

The purpose is to verify that details contained in their MyKad tally with that in their passports. But their passports will not be stamped, he told reporters after his post-Cabinet meeting here yesterday.

So, Malaysians working there will have to apply for their international passports.

They will be given rebates on the fee, based on the number of months still left in their restricted passports before they expire.

There are some 100,000 Malaysians who commute between Johor and Singapore daily for work.

However, Mohd Radzi said, the ministry was still discussing with its counterpart in Singapore over the use of the MyKad.

He was confident a solution could be reached before the July 1 expiry deadline for the Malaysian restricted passport.

Mohd Radzi said there was a slight miscommunication when the ministry was told that Singaporean authorities would not be accepting the MyKad for entry.

Negotiations had been going on between Singapore and Malaysia when I was appointed minister in March.

The Singapore government had indicated, in an official letter to us, that they would stop issuing restricted passports for their citizens from July 1.

So, we decided to do the same. Singapore has never told us to stop issuing restricted passports for our citizens, he said.

Singapores Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said on Monday that the republic had written to Malaysia to enquire if it was ready to proceed with technical tests of the MyKad for use as entry for frequent travellers.

The department said these tests were necessary and critical part of the process and that it had never rejected the use of the MyKad.