Since the day i kno how to use Maybank 2 u

Ive spent…
RM4k on Dell XPS M1530
RM3k on Dell XPS Desktop
RM4K on LV Messenger Bag
RM300 on WD 500GB 7200RPM External HDD
RM270 on Razer Lachesis Mouse

What bout u guys?

[size=150]maybank pay me[/size]

RM9.90 buy crocodile 3 pieces
RM3k buy laptop
RM500k buy semi d

wuakaka i hope to buy a Detached house by Siang Siang wth my Maybank Card~Wuakaka

use maybank 2 u buy lv? duh!! blur, miri got lv shop meh

buy sumwer on9 la, dats the purpose of maybank2u… duh…

i wan ask one thing, since when dell allow maybank2u?

LV is i ask my fren buy then i pay him use maybank 2 u …yeah there is not LV shop in miri
my dell is i use my dad credit card to buy straight cash then i loan from him using maybank 2 u card wuakakak

wa lace so rich ar??
be tau ke liaw la…

nolar…me boss=sobo5978=boboman