Silverspoon restaurant is now open

Tried it yesterday during lunch… sadly, service was not up to par with the prices. Oh yeah the dishes were OK by miri standard lah, but for me I find it a tad exp, for example, 24 bucks for a beef stew?! come on!! I liked it yeah, but that’s the price I’d pay for a lamb shank back in KL!

actually the price a bit too high since all for the lunch only western food like burger and sandwich…
i with my friend when to eat the for lunch with the cost very high for a lunch i think…

Thank you for your feedback…Might have promotion for lunch soon…We will work in improving on our service…

wah new place…was at citrus yesterday evening…didn’t know u got anothr place…keep it up dude…heck, silverspoon…reminds me of the old tv show of the same name starring ricky shroeder.

The owner must be having some political connections or shop partly owned by some political party members cos’ saw the congratulatory advertisement in the chinese daily from Sebastian Ting, Andy Chia, etc

like that will andy chia get free meal everytime when he dine in?

price is fair if you coup it up with exceptional services. nice ikea furniture and utensil you have.

aftr this i escape from opis, n go der…

We will consider delivery service to the offices nearby at a later stage with a minimum order…

RabbitX - Exceptional service? er… So far i’ve yet to experience anything exceptional in Miri… I’ve learn to be “local” where just accept things as they are lol.

well, even we ain’t getting any, doesn’t mean we can’t be noisy about it… = p. Certainly silverspoon can do more than “local” expectation… boss is obviously just came back from oversea, with these sorta decor…, i am sure if oversea’s design idea can be integrated, so is the service.

plus “silverspoon” should live up to its name izzit?

RabbitX - true, I do applaud the owner for daring to try it with the Miri crowd, I do have to say i’m happy that at least there are more outlets for me to dine in. But I just gave my opinion which i know aint positive but hell if it’s all positive no one would change! hehehe Kudo’s to you for bringing silverspoon ( like the tv series!) but please live it to its name! hehe ( oh yeah i was of the silverspoon era too) lol

Good, I’m thinking what you both are thinking too :wink:

Went there with friends noon time, quite pricey, choices of food quite minimal (or maybe we don’t really favor the kind of food Silverspoon offers), Chicken Kebab was not pre-stuffed? self service? for RM10.90, Pork Belly Soy Sauce for RM18 but portion of the pork I believe can be improved?, Pork Chop with rice for RM10.90(Not bad).

Overall I believe we had the same experience as Noyze did then.

I came to noticed this place quite sometimes ago and first I thought it was kitchenware supplier or ID company. After going thru all the comments, I think I’ll wait for a little longer before paying a visit there. As any newly started businesses, there are bound to be some hiccups here and there. I do hope the management would improve on it in no time. Awaiting in anticipation as I’m an avid pork belly fan myself.

Thanks for all your comments…Will do our very best to live up to your expectations in terms of service, food presentation and quantity…I must admit there will be hiccups for sure but do give us a chance to improve to serve you better with all your precious feedback…


Will drop by this evening.

Loved the country fried pork there …two thumbs up ! :smiley:

Well i tried the beef kebab there once and find it it rather bland. Something is missing with the marinate or it get marinated at all.

if you dont mine, please share to us the menu you got Silverspoon??