Signature smart living at taman yakin!

I heard that SIGNATURE SMART LIVING like to kill the staff. is that true? the boss tell the stuff must know how to help company to saving. but ythe way they ask for saving is from the comision. the stufff so hard work to find customer, even 1 sen of comision also didn get from them but they all still cut the salary. are you happy if you were the staff ? for what you work so hard for it? right? can you agree your boss do like this ? last, i also know that the boss always go for clubbing and open table… THIS IS CALL SAVING??? !!

quit now. find a better boss find a better job.

ohmydog,it’s you again…your hobby is definitely giving comments with grammar mistakes. you rocks!

that location only suitable for mini market or 24 hours mamak food court. other types of business i think susah sikit to survive because taman yakin people all sure runs to boulevard hyper one. some more traffic system tidak betul.

good luck if can survive. i gave the curtain shop 2 years and it moved out. shops in this area can survive provided MCC stop charging parking fees or parking attendant less overzealous. more hair saloon should open in this area because there is only one and staff there sombong one only prefers serve angmoh. see anyone dark skin they ignore one.

as for boss problem, simple solution.

boss good, you work on;
boss no good, you walk out. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heh :slight_smile:

that what we call a lack of appreciation, the taukey should threat the staff as an asset a valuable asset, without staff who help & manage the shop, do you think the money will crawl down to the door step by it self?, if the taukey is rich enough, got nothing to do & keep yelling at staff everyday, don’t open shop la… give chance to other people… :slight_smile:

You work there?

what?..oh i see…

2 options…

  1. Go to the Labour dept and seek help from them.

  2. Quit and find another job.



Hahah!! :lol:

if u work there…wat u can do is to sabo back…if u knew some ID skills, knw where to get the materials and know ur contractor…u shud do freelance…u can even offer 50% cheaper than the boss,bcoz u directly liase with factory and kontraktor…amacam? Like in cari forum…there’s one guy who can do renovation…customers give him some basic design (he also input into the design), he take materials from factory and do the renovation…fast, cheap and high quality…no middleman

good idea :slight_smile:

BTW, anyone been to Signature Smart Living yet? Maybe can comment i.e. anything interesting there?

i wanted to go there but scared la…ahhaha…btw Hock Lee next to Gremas having sale for Hood+Hob+Oven+Sinks till 26 this month…quality stuffs…