Sibu specials in Miri

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by marcusseo Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:45 pm

Sibu Specials food will be found in Miri also.
Especially Kam Pua Mee. original taste leh.
Not need to go Sibu to have Kam Pua Mee.

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aaaaa… ??

Location please…Appreciate with GPS coordinates…

any different between kam pua mee and kolok mee? enlighten me pls…


merepek nyer :lol:

kampua with minyak babi and kolok with vinegar

Is located at opposite Sun City Food Court at Center Point Phase 2. The name of the shop is GATHERING CORNER. The Previous Bei Fang Feng Wei which sell china food… Now change to the coffee shop already. A lot of nice food around. The china food still available. Opeing at 22/6/2010 from 6 until 4.

how much it cost?

i thought ‘minyak babi’ is used in kolok mee too…

supposed to be la. otherwise sekda “kick” rasa mi kolok ya. even better put wantan on it, huhuhu

Oh no…is not the same thing o…The different is the taste. Sibu Kampua is totally different from Miri gan mian…hehe…try out and you will know the difference…I just try this morning…still good and wonderful…Teh C Peng also very good…kekekekee

sibu kampua mee selling for rm2.20 ! >.<

sibu kampua mee using different raw noodles (straight) and normal kolok mee is the standard one available almost everywhere (curly). I have asked the shop waitress before :slight_smile:

No pics? Sounds delicious.

haha got the pic but post some other time. need more info from the place still :slight_smile: