Sibu police chief dares gangsters to seek him

SIBU: Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail yesterday dared the gangsters to come to him directly instead of going after his man.

A molotov cocktail was thrown at a police inspectors car resulting in a fire which damaged the drivers side door.

No casualty was reported.

My man is following my instruction to carry out his task and they (the gangsters) are apparently trying to challenge me, he said in a press conference at Sibu Central Police Station.

Be a gentleman, and please come to me directly.

The incident happened at the back lane in Tuanku Osman Road between 9.45am and 10am.

The inspectors car used by his wife was parked there. There was, however, no witness to the incident.

When the workers at the shops nearby discovered the fire, they rushed to douse the flames using fire extinguisher.

Members of the public also came to the rescue.

Describing the act as challenging the law, Shafie vowed to capture the gangsters whom he said had been identified by his department.

Shafie said that although he has only served for three and half years in Sibu, he knew the gang.

It is just a matter of time to capture them, he noted, but did not disclose the identity of the gangsters as the investigation is ongoing.

The police chief believed that the case was in connection with a gunshot which was fired at a house in Maludan on May 10 around midnight.

In Tuesdays incident, two men on motorcycle shot at the house of a businessman which was guarded by security guard.

The police arrested six men aged 38 to 50 and seized a Bakakok (a home-made shotgun) from them on the same day.

Shafie did not rule out the possibility that the six who are currently under remand are drug addicts and also suspected them of drug trafficking.

In another incident on May 12, firecrackers were thrown into another house which set the compound on fire and window splashed with red paint.

It was believed to be connected to Tuesdays incident as the owner of the house is the elder sister of the said businessman.

Meanwhile, Shafie said another Bakakok was seized from a 21-year-old mother of three at her house in Langsat Road on Thursday in a follow-up raid.

The firearm was believed to belong to her husband who had earlier been arrested for suspected motorcycle theft

Gang War in Sibu? (SarawakUpdate)

Sibu town known for its cowboy town appeared to have on a hot pressure with houses fired with homemade shotgun, red paint splashed in houses, cars thrown with molotov cocktail and fire-bombs ( a powerful firework).

Sibu folks feared that gangsterism is back again after the Ops Cantas Kenyalang which was launched in April 2007 with many of its detainees released.

For the past two weeks, there had been several incidents of gangsters signature act, throwing of molotov, splashing houses with paint and a police Inspector was not even spared when his car was thrown with molotov in broad daylight yesterday. It was believed that the police was the investigation officer for a shotgun case.

And to make matter worst, another pub owner car was also burned after two men in a black Hilux stopped near it, broke the side windscreen and threw a fire bomb inside. The car was parked at Tunku Osman Road last night. The interior of the car was badly burned.

When contacted by SU, State CID SAC 11, Huzir Mohamed said he did not think that gangsterism is reviving in Sibu. He said there were are some problems in Sibu which the police are now acting on it.

Huzir added that 18 people had been pulled in yesterday after one of his mens car was damaged and also to check on the violent activities that had been happening recently.

He assured that police are doing all they could to contain the matter and prevent any more outbreak of violence there.

Saying that he could not reveal much but would work on the problem, Huzir said police also need information from the public and asked them to be brave to come forward to supply information on gangsters.

When told that a number of gangsters who were in Simpang Renggam had been back to their hometowns, Huzir said police are monitoring them.

So far a total of over 200 gang leaders and their hencemen had been arrested since the launch of the Ops Cantas since then. Most were detained for two years or extended another one year and then back to their home town.

Bintulu MP, Dato Sri Tiong King Sing had said in Parliament that gangsters in Sibu are controlling the prices of essential goods, gas, rubber and running illegal timber. The people then were living in fear as gangsters could go as far as asking a driver to buy over his whole car if the unfortunate person were to knock into one of their cars.

comeon dato ACP, time to act.

be trigger happy,

time to ‘police-encounter’ all these dogs.

no need waste time tangkap-tangkap or bicara court cases. just finish them off once and for all.