Sibu forms Dayak Sape Club pro tem committee

Sibu forms Dayak Sape Club pro tem committee

Date Posted : Tuesday 10-Jan-2017

SIBU: Sibu Dayak Sape Club (KSDS) pro tem committee has been set up here in order to preserve the sape traditional music.

KSDS pro tem chairman Anthony Abong said Sibu is the first division or district of the state that has a sape club.

“Many of the well-known sape players are from other divisions such as Kuching, Miri and Bintulu, but they haven’t set up the club.”

“Through KSDS, it is hoped that it would be an example for the other to establish a similar club like in Sibu.

“This is because, sape could unite the Dayak people as well as further developing the sape skill and industry among young people so that such skill would not just disappear due to the development of current technology,” he said when speaking to reporters after the meeting recently.

Chairman of the Sarawak Dayak National Unition (SDNU) Sibu, Chambai Lindong and chairman of Sarawak Gagong Club Jabang Juntan were also present at the pro tem meeting.

According to Anthony, KSDS started registering their members on 4th July last year with only a total of eight members.

“But, now KSDS has almost 40 members which necessitates us to select pro tem committee for the registration to the Registry of Societies (RoS),” he said.