Shrimp production to be increased – Uggah

KUCHING: Sarawak plans to boost shrimp production to 13,000 metric tonnes by 2030, said Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

He said shrimp farming had always been a strongpoint of the state’s aquaculture industry.

“In 2016, Sarawak produced 4,416 metric tonnes of shrimp. Sarawak plans to boost shrimp production to 13,000 metric tonnes by 2030,” he said when delivering his winding-up speech yesterday.

Uggah said the existing companies (exporters) presently had access to markets in Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, European Union and Singapore.

The Deputy Chief Minister also said agro-based industry had proven to be an effective way of raising rural income and reducing poverty.

He said the 993 agropreneurs that were monitored by the Department of Agriculture Sarawak were able to generate sales volume of RM45.5 million last year.

Among the agro-based products that have potential for commercialisation are dehydrated fruits and vegetables, crisps and crackers and sauces, he added.

Uggah said a local company in Miri is producing dehydrated ‘terung mas’ and dehydrated ‘jambu batu’ for local market.

“A company in Kuching is producing bitter gourd crisps or commonly known as ‘peria garing’ for local market. The company had a sales volume of RM1.2 million in 2018.

“On sauces, we have a young graduate who is growing ‘cili geronong’ and processing it into chilli sauce, chilli paste and chilli powder. He was able to earn an income of about RM20,000 a month in 2018 from his enterprise,” he added.

Pointing out that “Sarawak is blessed with abundant nipah palm along its coastal areas”, Uggah said the ministry had taken steps to turn this resource into a new source of income in Sarawak.

Presently, he said a Kuching-based company exports ‘gula apong’ products to Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand and Canada.

“The products include natural sugar, gula apong spread, granules and syrup. In 2018, the company exported 19 metric tonnes of those products,” he added.

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