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Hi evr1 :shock: ,
If anyone who own a shop and who are interested with this 3 unit, please mail me.
The price can be discuss, all unit still in a very good condition. :roll: Freezer will sale at RM1000, Cook unit will sal at RM1000, the unit that keep hot or warming food will sale at RM600.
If any1 interest with any of the unit, pls dont hesitate to mail me…

Freezer how big one?

sorry,i dont no how big for its actual size,but it size just like a freezer that sale an ice-cream at boulevard. i will let u no soon…

so dem expensive??

How old are these items?

well, i buy those unit more expensive… its BERJAyA Brand. although i dont realy no bout the brand but its good compare with other brand. All this item not so old, from the day i buy it till now only more then half year.