Shop 4 Mirians!

please visit my new site,

this site is still new, so please give some support & also, free to leave a comment on the comment board. thank you. more products to come!!

what do you actually mean shop for us mirians?

hmm, ntg for me . :frowning:

gt something else…???

got…more things to come. i just wanna let people that this site exist. then i will put more items for sale. tq

Shop4u, good start and keep it up… and by the way, Welcome to Miricommunity… :mrgreen:

only turbo for sale?no it gadget?

hey. thanks guys for ur support. more item to come. of course got it gadgets… like lcd? monitor? motherboard? powersupply? sound car & etc.

…bt if i got something to buy…will you send it or i will take it…???

hmm…if u live in miri. then i will personally send it to ur home. if ur living in bintulu or somewhr else. i pos laju to u.

good thing…i live in Miri…how if i would like to take it from your shop…???

hmmm…can also. but i dont have a shop lo. i just keep all my stuffs in my room. haha.

i think it will work if your price is cheaper than market price :mrgreen:

haha. yeap. im helping my friends sell their stuffs also. btw, new items added already. feel free to visit my site

hehe…nice…but why only have storm mp4 player?my frend have that b4…accept trade in?

haha…trade in for?

i pm you…k?

Saw a gigabite and Intel motherboard for sale, is it new or used? what model and socket type of the motherboard?

What do you mean by Brandless Video Card ? And I dont think much people use Floppy Disks lately …

used motherboard. not sure about the model. anyway, new items added.