Shih Tzu in need for adoption

  1. [ADOPTED!] I have a female shih tzu, named Lady who is in urgent need for a new loving home. She is currently 4 years old, very active and loves attention. She has not been spayed or neutered but I am looking into it. There will be an adoption fee of RM200. She has not been dewormed in 2017(this year) only. Very healthy and there are no injuries since she is in the house most of the time. I couldn’t keep her much longer as my grandfather is old and I am not working in Miri. I’ll only attend to legit dog lovers who is willing to care for her.

  2. I have another shih tzu which is male and his name is Shadow. I am looking for a temporary home for him to stay in as I am planning to send him over to KL to live with me in my condo. But I could not keep him with my grandfather as I do not want to burden him. I am willing to pay for his food fees but I will need someone that I can fully trust for this. If you are willing to, please contact me further.

Still up for adoption!

She can take kibbles and meat produce, she isn’t too picky but preferably not the cheap brands like Pedigree. She isn’t toilet trained because I was still studying when she arrived at my house in Miri years ago(my father bought her while I was away). Her last vaccine was in 2015 and she has not been dewormed in 2017 only. We tried to do it yearly but my grandfather is becoming older and I don’t want to burden him. If you’d like to know further, you can call my grandfather 016 878 1303 as I do not have the full details. Thanks!

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