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The No. 1 speaker and author on personal finance in Malaysia

Azizi Ali does one thing only - money. He doesn’t do quality control, reengineering, seven habits, six sigmas, five disciplines, four musketeers, three kings, two calling birds and certainly not a partridge in a pear tree. But if you want to know more about money - how to master, manage, save, spend and yes, make more of it, then Azizi is your Superfly.

So actually he does two things - money and solves your financial problems.

This perhaps sums up the Azizi Ali. He is the author of fifteen (15) best-selling books on personal finance in Malaysia and Singapore which includes “Millionaires are from a different Planet!”, “The Millionaire in Me”, “Jutawan Dari Planet Jupiter!”, “How to Become a Millionaire Landlord”, “Lahirnya Seorang Jutawan”, “How to Become a Property Millionaire”, “mXe!”, “Millionaire Chronicles”, “Jutawan Ekstrem”, “Retire Rich” and the latest which has been topping the bestseller list “Winning at Property Auctions”.

Azizi Ali has conducted workshops at Securities Commission, Petronas, EPF, PNB Investment Institute, Prudential Assurance, Public Mutual, Takaful Nasional, Malaysia Airlines, HLA Assurance, Am Assurance, LIAM, MIEA, FIABCI, ISM, UTM, UIA, Brunei, Singapore and has addressed a crowd of 12,000 participants in Bangkok, Thailand (despite not knowing a single Thai word) - all on the magical subject of money. His fun, electrifying and enlightening talks filled with simple but solid solutions has helped thousands take better control of their finances. Hey, we told you he solves financial problems.

He has written numerous articles for the NST, Smart Investor and other publications. Even more exciting is that he is also a monthly columnist with Personal Money, a publication of The Edge financial newspaper. No prizes for guessing what he writes about. You’ve got it - money!

He has also appeared regularly on TV3, RTM, Astro Ria, 8TV, News Radio in Singapore, RTB in Brunei, Radio Era and Radio KL.

Azizi is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and also holds an MBA from the University of Bath, England.

Azizi on Astro Ria’s TV News with Reed Shamsuddin.

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