Sexagenarian loses RM6,000 life savings to tricksters

MIRI: A 68 year-old woman lost her life savings of RM6,000 to three strangers who claimed they could help her in applying for BR1M.

The incident was reported to have taken place on Friday morning at the victims house in Sungai Dalam during which the woman was alone in her house.

According to sources, a woman and a man came to her house in Sungai Dalam on Friday morning around 8am, and claimed to be representatives from Miri Welfare Department offering to assist her in applying for BR1M.

The third suspect-who was also a man was waiting inside a car.

They managed to persuade the victim to withdraw her savings amounting to RM6,000 to enable the government to bank-in the cash aid into her (the victims bank account).

According to sources, the suspects told her (the victim) that she should leave her bank account empty to ensure the BRIMs approval.

She then followed the suspects to a bank in the city centre for withdrawal purposes.

Upon arrival at the bank around 11am the same day, the suspects instructed her to walk into the bank alone while they (the suspects) waited inside the car.

After the withdrawal, the victim handed over the cash to the suspects.

They later sent her home and told her that she would receive the aid later in the evening.

However, she never received the aid promised by the suspects.

She then lodged a police report.