Setting up a business (trade license application) for enterprise

Hi Mirians,

My friend wants to set up a small business but he wishes to apply for trade license and use his own name (enterprise) dealing with services (delivery & contractor services).
Can anyone on MC net explain the steps for setting up his business in Miri? I mean the steps for applying the licence…hope someone here wouldnt mind sharing their experience.

Thanks all and have a good day

  1. Go to district office (Pejabat Daerah) and bring your land title, tenancy agreement, and IC, example of stamp chop that your company will do.
    2. Check and choose name, if available then submit the form. Wait for around 1-2 weeks.
    3. After Register of Business is done, then go to Wisma Pelita Tunku to register your business to Ministry of Finance.

    That’s all to get you started.

    For taxing, usually you will get a letters from LHDN.

thanks for your reply wgn_white… really appreciate it smile:

Then for contractor, if your friend should also go to CIDB to register as contractor.
A lot more works, if want to submit tender documents for government office like JKR or even the District Office themselves…