Service Complain


Here i share my experience for requesting a maid cleaning service from a agent.

Mdm Lau
Phone= 019824469X

I have requested a maid to clean my house for today and she agrees to send a maid by this morning around 7.15am. Somehow i wait her til almost 7.40am still haven’t arrive, thus i call her. She claimed that she is in outstation and already inform the worker to contact me since last night…due to can not get me so they not come.

Excuse me, no miss call in my handphone then i ask that did her call the right number? she answered YES

OK FINE, i request the worker contact no. She replied that she will sms me in a while.

Final Result = no reply + call her also not answer

Just sharing my experience with this agent. Hope she study what is customer service, can not do then dont promise.