Sensational ‘Lady Gaga’ coming to Kuching

KUCHING: A special tribute to a pop sensation shaking the charts around the world will be held at the Borneo Funk Fest in Kuching next week on July 2 and 3.

Known for her outrageous and controversial acts, this imported act from the United Kingdom is expected to entertain the crowd with Gagas record breaking hits such as Poker Face, Bad Romance and Paparazzi just to name a few.

More details on this event and tribute will be released soon in The Borneo Post.

In the meantime, how about getting started on the many GaGa costumes that have helped make this pop act a worldwide phenomenon, and join the other little monsters in an out-of-this-world party coming very soon, said a statement by the organisers.


cool no PAS in Swak to object :stuck_out_tongue:

She will either have to wear loose clothing or proper dress. Or at the very last minute, her show here is cancelled… hahahaha. That I won’t be surprise.

The clothes should apply ONLY to WEST MALAYSIA !! I prefer we are more open than they are. So she wear whatever she wear… Maybe she would try tribal wear since she is famous for wearing different clothes. She is major in ARTS and Music in her studys … Amazing.

that girl in the picture doesn’t look like lady gaga to me…maybe the one that will come is the other type of ‘lady gaga’ not the real lady gaga… :?:

Wahaha, there sure is a possibility in this…

I am really doubtful myself when my friend
told me about this news… Even the writings
in the press release doesn’t indicate the
REAL “Lady Gaga” is coming…

Might be another imitator or some
look-alike for all we know… Maybe just
trying to create some controversy…

Even if it’s real, why not KL instead Kch?

Weird right?

It’s confirmed that she will sing with baju kebaya during that nite.

Wahaha, so anyone caught any pics from the event?

Mind posting up here?

unbeliveable. i wan a signature and a pictureeeeeee :stuck_out_tongue: