Senadin Uptown - by Andact Sdn Bhd

Info sharing…

Senadin Uptown, located at new shophouses at Senadin, beside highway from Permyjaya to Kuala Baram.
There’s a big white canopy assembled there as well, you cant missed this place anyhow…

by the way, Have you heard about it’s opening ceremony on this 4th of October 2014.
I don’t have the details of it but i am one of those who rented the business lot at senadin uptown. :slight_smile: Andact sdn bhd told us to start our business starting this 4 of october, saturday in commemorate to the opening ceremony… maybe by Dato Lau himself… anyone have more info, do share it here will ya? :slight_smile:
So, i’m unofficially inviting everyone to drop by at senadin uptown, look see (2x) only maa… hehe

High end house? Price range?

i guessing that you didnt read what i type here bro :stuck_out_tongue: lol

it’s not house la bro, i’m talking about market place… they open up a business area & rent out booth space for hawkers & SME businessmen/women to sell their products…

Hi Ken…you can refer

1. type “Senadin Uptown Market”
2. google type "Senadin Uptown Market"

All information are there…their soft opening is on 17th, 18th & 19th October 2014 this Friday.

They have free food/veges redemption vouchers going on 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. Do visit and have a look at Kuala Baram to Senadin Road.

suggesstion …what if there is night market every monday and tuesday to attract peoples to this area.