Selling a used car Questions

Hello Sifus, I have a car (Perodua Kelisa) which was purchased in 2003 and I wanted to sell it off, just want to know what is the procedures of selling and the approximate value of the car.

The car is still in loan, maybe another 2 years left? I’m quite lost right now as I do not have any experience on selling off cars. I really do appreciate your advices. Thank you.

well i heard ppl say if ur car is still in loan the amount is kinda is better to finish your loan so that the price is not less for exp a 2nd hand waja is RM25k but due to the loan havent pay the price will drop…im nt so sure abt kinda lost too :lol:

u want to sell to other people or 2nd car dealer? have to send to puspakom to check first then go to bank and ask your car resale value.

Thanks for the reply boss, actually I am not sure, Which would you suggest? Sell to others or to a dealer?

let me know if u wan to sell it


Just go to and find out an estimated price of your car. do bear in mind those are prices from west malaysia mostly and i find miri to be roughly 10k more expensive than west malaysia. So, I aint bringing my car back, I sell her get more $$ ghehehe

But you cannot sell a West Malaysian car locally for a high price.
People are not so dumb