Sell and Supply of Iphone 4 Dog Bone and Cube Cases

Hi, we are selling Iphone 4/4s Dog Bone and Cube Cases… If you interested to get supply from us is welcome too.

The package comes with 1 front screen protector and soft strap.

We are selling at RM28 per pcs add RM4 for postage by bus…

Location of seller: Kuching
Price: Rm28 (add RM4 for postage)
Pm me for more information.

In order to get supply from us you must get a minimum quantity of 10 units.





We supply at as low as RM6.5 each for the dog bone and cube cases for iphone 4/4s.

You can mix 5 dog bones + 5 cube cases to get supply price. Minimum quantity we will send out is 10 units.

We will pos to you by bus, if you are from Kuching then we can cod. RM7 will be charge for postage. Thanks…