Sell & Supply of Spices

Our shop (Telaga Rempah Enterprise) sells and supply spices in kg, gm and packets. Our shop is located at Jalan Nahkoda Gampar, Lot 281, Ground Floor, Block 9, MCLD Miri and has been operating since last year. We also provide delivery services if booked in kg and above. Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm. Please contact us for any inquiries or to make a reservation at 085-420910/010-9593152/014-8871122(Office/HP) or 085-421910(Fax) or email us to Thank you.


hi, can you post a flyer in English please?

Hi Jessie, uploaded brochure in english as requested, thank you.


thanks, your shop is near River Inn, right?

Jessie, our location map uploaded. Feel free come to our shop and also inform your friends. Thank you.

Thanks joelynjulianus, I am really exited to get some saffron

ok jessie, saffron only? hehe u may come to our shop now. how many box you want? will deliver to you around town only :wink:

do you also sell spice storage kits / containers ?
I’ll drop by soon (you are like 5 min from my house!)

Jessie, sorry if that item no. Good, ok how much saffron box you want? Other spices you want?

i just want to try one, and I need some black pepper kernels, fried onion and rosemary if u have.

Ops, for now no stock for black pepper kernels & rosemary. ok i prepare fried onion (packets only) & saffron for you. thank you.

Thank you jessie