Self heating coffee in a can

This one cost RM10.90!

I have not tried it (saving it for special occasion) but how hot does it get?

cooool! Where to buy this in Miri?

I bought it at MYSTORE (next to Boulevard Inn / Airy Cafe).

I also seen it selling at Nelson’s, the one at Merdeka Mall.

I’m a coffee lover, I should try this

RM10.90 per can. Use it wisely!

Oh my… maybe try one time only

I like the wording. “Gets hot anytime, anywhere”

they used to sell it KLIA airport months back

too expensive to drink oo

saw one at a kiosk @ Bintang Megamall.might try it sumday outta curiosity. i prefer kopitiam style actually… (kopi cap amoi:P)

wah… should be due to chemical reaction somewhere in the can. brilliant idea. waiting for ‘self chilling coke in a can’ after this. :smiley:

can really heat up?

Never see this self heating coffee.but I seen self cold cola in is the link

can try create one…

i saw this on sale in true label pharmacy RM10.90…

I wonder whether got any bad side effects of drinking this

that is what I was thinking when this thing release.eventhough is cool we don’t know what is the side effect of drinking it.

The chemical that heats the drink is outside of the tin, not inside it.

Well, I guess it should be safe :mrgreen:


can try create one…[/quote]

either the can is bigger or u get half the can of coffee only.

This is how the stuff works:

[quote=“whatman”]This is how the stuff works:


this is good.thanks for about video of self-cooling drink?really like to see that.