SEGi offers health science and medical degree programme

SEGi aims to produce world-class professionals in the health science

SEGi aims to produce world-class professionals in the health science industry.

KUCHING: Since its formation nearly 40 years ago, SEGi University and Colleges has been offering top-notch programmes to young learners eager to make a difference upon graduation.

With an adept team of academicians, students who have walked into its doors have benefitted from sound teaching and are imbued with the importance of continuous learning.

This is one of the many reasons why SEGi has such a wide range of programmes to suit every young learner’s need, including medicine.

The five-year ‘Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)’ at SEGi University emphasises on nurturing holistic doctors who are capable, skillful and compassionate.

To achieve this, the curriculum is designed to embed ethical values into teaching and learning activities.

This is fostered and enhanced by the implementation of a novel dedicated mentoring system, which is carried throughout the programme.

The MBBS programme is delivered through themes and system-based approach rather than as separate entities of individual subjects traditionally taught in the past.

In addition, clinical exposure is introduced as early as the first year to ensure students are familiar with basic medical sciences in clinical practice. Throughout the five years of studies, students are trained to develop their soft skills in communication, social responsibility and team-building regardless of ethnic and gender differences.

They are also nurtured from the beginning of the programme to have critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership and management skills.

SEGi University takes great effort to employ highly qualified local and international academicians who are passionate about their work.

They are also chosen due to their significant contributions to basic and clinical medicine, healthcare and translational research.

This is further supported by experienced clinical teachers in various disciplines such as internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, psychiatry and gynaecology.

SEGi medical students conduct practical and clinical rotations in Sarawak and Perak, namely Sibu Hospital, the Sibu district healthcare facilities and Teluk Intan Hospital.

SEGi University helped establish clinical teaching facilities in these healthcare premises, making it the first public-private partnership where a private education institution’s facilities are located within the healthcare premises of the Ministry of Health.

With this partnership, SEGi medical students are able to conduct practical and gain knowledge of actual care and skills to enable them to take on clinical responsibilities immediately upon graduation.

In the near future, Miri Hospital and Miri District healthcare facilities will also be included into the list.

The programme has been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is also listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), thus making it internationally recognised.

The students also have ample opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of health science fields as SEGi University also conducts programmes in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry and Vision Sciences and also Biomedical Sciences.

All these students regularly gather to listen to talks on various Health Science topics.

For more information on the MBBS and other Health Science programmes, call SEGi University at 03-61451777 or 1800-88-7344, email to or log on to