Seeking Freelancing projects (translation, graphic, website)

Hey all,

Im a degree student currently on semester break and looking for some projects. Im currently based in KL so the best thing would be a work-at-home thing. Another reason why im looking for projects is because I want to build a portfolio of my work. Im majoring in Software Engineering with Multimedia and is proficient in programs such as Photoshop and Flash. I also have good written and spoken English and BM.

There are three different jobs I can do

(A) Translation
I have good written and spoken English and BM. I can do translation for both Eng-> BM and BM-> Eng. I’ve previously worked with a market research company on their projects.

(B) Graphic Design
I can design banners and logos for your company or personal website. Some simple examples of my work are:

© Website design
I can do simple HTML & CSS based websites. I can also setup blogs using Wordpress or forums using phpBB. However I only do the design. No maintaining (because that is long term).

If interested, pls email [](

thank you for taking time to read this :)

Well dude, good luck on finding yourself a new job. Just hope that you don’t get so eager until you can’t differentiate a scam from a real job… besides, software engineering got lots of potential after graduating. No need to rush yourself into the sophisticated world. Take care~