Seek knowledge about own customs, Orang Ulu youths told

Seek knowledge about own customs, Orang Ulu youths told

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Thursday 13-Oct-2016

MIRI: Young members of the Orang Ulu ethnic group should continue to seek knowledge about their own traditional adat (traditional customs) that have shaped their lives today.

Telang Usan Assemblyman Dennis Ngau said against the backdrop of modern living where traditional adat seems to be facing great challenges, the current generation must preserve theirs, and the older generation must continue to find ways to expose their customs to the current generation who in turn should do the same to future generations.

“One of the most beautiful traditional customs on this planet earth belongs to the Orang Ulu and we should be proud of it and do all that we could to preserve it,” Dennis stressed when officiating at the opening of a one-day seminar on Orang Ulu Customs and Leadership for Orang Ulu youths in Miri.

The Seminar was jointly organised by Sarawak Customs Council or better known as Majlis Istiadat Sarawak (MAIS) and Majlis Ketua Masyarakat Orang Ulu Bahagian Miri (Miri Division Orang Ulu Community Leaders Council).

“I am pleased that our efforts to hold an Orang Ulu adat seminar especially aimed to expose to our Generation Y today have received very good turnout and support by our community leaders and MAIS,” said Dennis .

He said the idea to hold the seminar was mooted by himself and he suggested to Temenggong Elizabeth Deng to hold it especially for the current Orang Ulu generation living far away from their villages thus making opportunity for them to actually live a life around their traditional life style.

Taking cue from the success of this first ever held Orang Ulu adat seminar for Orang Ulu youth, he is now planning to hold a bigger one next year targeting 5, 000 Orang Ulu youths.

Also present were MAIS president Datu Nellie Tangai, Temenggong Elizabeth Deng, the organising chairperson; a political secretary Charles Balan Seling and Temenggong Joseph Ngau Lian.

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