[Seek for Advice] Accomodation in Miri

Hi All,

I might be working in Miri, somewhere nearby the imperial hotel. But I m not sure where is the recommended area to stay. Could anyone please give me some advice?


  1. A room or house (depending if I m alone)
  2. Best if 10 ~ 15 minutes driving distance
  3. Not too expensive… Just an ordinary house will do
  4. Furnished or not also can

I would be grateful if someone could also introduce me a nice place to look for second-hand car (honest car dealer…)

Not sure if I posted in the right place… So I posted one here and another one here in classified - property… Sorry if I made a mistake

Thank you

no… unless that someone died (suicide, murder) in that house…


Hi td, i’ve got a house vacant at Jan 31. It’s around Desa Seri area… So it would be ard 10-15mins to imperial hotel. If you’re interested please PM Me. Thank you!

are u intersted to rent an aircon room in town area, just 2mins walk to imperial mall…rm400.
i will show u secondhand car whe u r here.

Hi there, i have got a house in friendship garden, somewhere near merdeka mall. Around 15 mins drive to imperial. If you are interested you can pm me. Thanks~