Second day post

(Awesomian1st) #1

So 4 days ago i posted something. i thought i could be online here more often but turns out i didnt. meh…

So, how are you guys today whats up? Random question… any nice new place to eat in miri? the other day i went by this place in Xiang Xiang food court area that sells ABC and rojak. typical Ang Teng Peng guy myself, i ordered one and its quite good, tho at the time i would say anything is good. what with the hot hazy weather and all.

last and most, Random website… Have this weird colour pixels that looks like your monitor “spoilt”? try this! no-brainer-level easy to use.

(wgn_white) #2

Euphorio Celebrities just opened.

My friend, Max took some photos of the opening and the environment look quite good…

(Awesomian1st) #3

Was it the one in the used-to-be Taman Selera? Dang i missed that place before it all went to shizz “for development”.

(wgn_white) #4

Not that one, it’s just front area of Imperial Palace Hotel, just beside the Club Celebrities…

(Jackson Liaw) #5

For ABC & Rojak, I would bring @Ryna and the kids to the corner shop in Lutong. Drats, don’t remember the name of the place. It’s in the next building after the International Music School. If you fancy Salad Chicken Rice with Sambal - it’s at Alex Rojak along Jalan Pujut 7.

As for random site, I’m looking at other forums using the same Discourse system as us here, and thinking about configuring ours by using @allokitty beautiful aerial shots of Miri for the backdrop. :smile: