Sebran back to square one as dream house burnt

MIRI: Sebran Garak and family were looking forward to moving into their renovated home in a new environment this November, but unfortunately, their dream has all but turned to ashes.

Relating his woeful tale to thesundaypost, Sebran said he bought a lived-in house in Desa Senadin two years ago, then started renovation works.

When renovation was close to finishing, with only tiling left, he was all too happy in anticipation of moving house soon.

But on June 3, fire broke out at one of the houses in that single-storey terrace block, affecting Sebrans house which was fourth in the row.

Now its back to square one, everything was destroyed as we were not around at the time of the incident, so we may have to start all over again from the very beginning.

The renovation works cost me RM16,000 so far and overall, including the cost of the house, its RM148,000, Sebran divulged when met at the site in Desa Senadin recently.

Sebran said he and his family were away on Gawai holiday.

On learning of the unfortunate twist in events, a team of Miri Unity Chapter (MUC) members visited Sebran for a clearer picture of the grim situation and to extend their sympathy.

As it is their mission to help Dayaks in difficult moments, the MUC pro tem chairman Emmanuel Sawing Kedit and treasurer Tajem Sinok handed over some financial assistance to Sebran.

We hope this simple gesture from us can alleviate the suffering of Sebran and family, Sawing said.

Miri Unity Chapter is a Dayak-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), formed in February, with the primary objective of helping the Dayak community in dire straits.

Sawing appealed to other Dayaks to come forward to render help to the Sebran fire victims.

MUC also handed over similar assistance to Willie Lijie Deseh, whose house was 100 per cent destroyed in the fire that spread to Sebrans house.

Meanwhile, Tajem advised Sebran and other fire victims to liaise with him concerning legal matters, if the need arose.

Those who may wish to chip in to the victims may contact Sawing (014-5909696) or Tajem (019-8783259) for arrangements.