SEB explains cause of 15-hour blackout in Medamit, Limbang

MIRI: A broken high tension pole that was hit by a strong wind caused a blackout of 15 hours in Medamit, Limbang.

SEB senior vice president for distribution, Lau Kim Swee said the blackout occurred around midnight and the technical team went to the site at 2am to replace the broken pole. Repair works were completed at 3.15pm Tuesday.

“It took a little longer than usual to complete the repairs as the damage was extensive, the broken pole was allocated in a swampy area and repair works were hampered by bad weather,” he said in a statement.

He said the broken pole had caused power outage at Kampung Bakol, Bukit Impas, Palas, Menuang, Tanjung Riman, Bukit Sagan, Medamit and Ulu Medamit.

“SEB would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank the affected customers for their kind patience and understanding,” he added. – Bernama