Scrolling Topics

Hey Jack,
as always a spectacular job with this, jsut one thing with the scroller, if i keep clicking back to it, it starts from the beginning again and i cant speed it up or anything, and if i miss one i cant scroll back, any chance of making it static or more dynamic, as in more control of the flow?

just my 2 cents

I sometimes get the similiar kind of frusturation too but haven’t heard anyone complaining about till now. :smiley: I believe the creator of that mod decided to use the scrolling marquee tags just to make the site little more ‘lively’ at the expense of ‘usability’. Will work on it soon, maybe I’ll just tweak his codes a little and make it a static table instead.

Ok, have done some changes to the main homepage layout. The scrolling topics are now static. Have also move other things around a bit.

good job!!! so much more better!!! no more waiting and silly scrolling!!!

Any Sodoku fans out there? I’m trying to be one. :smiley: Just added a free version of the game at the main page to see what everyone thinks.

Great job Jack…ok i’m trying to figure out sodoku…its a boggler…but i think i got it