Scream For The Most Unforgetable Gathering乐翻天

Hi Guys Here It GOES…

Please give some comments about it…

Happy hour.

I could feel the joy and warmth, Jerry.

nice happy hour hehe

knn yong also got leh…how come no find me???

knn cck last at Pelita area also right… XD

wow… who holds the camera!!!

das y never call me hai… you people :evil:

lex… i am not in that grp la! i am not the cameraman duh!

oh it jerry oic

the camera hold it self :mrgreen:

i think it huilee holding

knn u no find me :twisted: :twisted:

No, Lex. It was not Hui Lee holding the camera. :slight_smile:

Wow !! Nice gathering !!!

Oh… the camera was hold by the waitress of the shop. Btw, it was midnight call, so didn’t manage to get up most the gang to join. Perhaps it wasnt organized by Jerry, we just join in the others. Cheers, gotta have more fun next time round. See you guys…

muahaha, the more the merrier ley… >.<

waiya…beer…i cannot drink…

Sorry that’s not me.

hahhahaha it was an late late gathering la… we reached there around 12am ler… but is fun la…

One Word:" FUN!!! "

Hope to join u guys again. :slight_smile:

But, make it on Friday night or Saturday night la, pls?