Score A i-teacher:The Ultimate e-Education Tool

PROVIDE ALL subject FOR STANDARD 1- FORM 5 which is based on 100% MINISTRY OF EDUCATION (MOE) Syllabus

price for family package is rm 796.00 for 2 child
2 children for 12 months
so if we do the maths, 796/2 children = rm 398 for 6 months
then for each month is 398/6 months = rm 33.17 for all subject

why choose score A i-teacher?
-100 % fully completed covering pre-school to form contents
-Highly Interactive
-Efficient time management
-Effective parent monitoring system
-SMS report
-Comprehensive input learning
-Effective output learning
-Advance knowledge of students strengths and weaknesses
-Motivational quotes and words
-High Mobility
-Effective marking system (Instant)
-Hot Questions
-Effective study plan
-Successfully proven programme
-and many moreā€¦
interested to know more about this programme?
please call me at 010-5910-940 (jefri)-miri area only for appointment.

This program wont work. Is proven wont work. To study is base on student own effort. My brother study get straight A without using this program proved this program just matter fact abusing spoiled kid.