Scientex Publication House is legitimate company, claims owner

MIRI: Following a scam as reported by The Borneo Post yesterday, the owner of the publishing company involved has claimed that they had been mistaken as a scammer.

Pok Ungkut came to The Borneo Post here saying that he was unhappy with the report as his company, Scientex Publication House (company no. 27785) is a legitimate company, therefore they are seeking the newspaper to clear them of the false allegation.

He claimed that the 234-page book, which Pok said he had published last year, was a fruit of his ‘research’, and he wanted the book to be featured as the history of Sarawak that Sarawakians could read on.

Asked on the outdated historical information printed in the book, Pok said it was based on old information he got from his ‘research’.

“The money was paid by the local businesses voluntarily, there is no bad feeling. S4S is not even a legitimate organisation, yet they are making products like t-shirts and other by-products that people are willing to buy,” claimed Pok insisting that he had done nothing wrong.

Asked whether he was informed that the local businesses were not aware of the advertisements neither did they take out any advertisement in the magazine, Pok said he did not want to discuss further on the matter.

The Borneo Post reported on Thursday a local businessman felt cheated when he was forced to pay RM100 for an advertisement in the book that he claimed he never took out.