Schools and longhouse in Sarawak interior hit by flash floods

MIRI: Five schools, a kindergarten and a longhouse in central Sarawak have been hit by floods caused by incessant rain.

According to the State Fire and Rescue Department, SK Nanga Kain Baleh, SK Sempilih Baleh, and SK Temenggong Koh Antawan in central Sarawak have shut down as they are submerged under a metre of water.

Additionally, Tabika Kemas Rh Bayan in Kapit has also ceased operations until further notice.

SK Lopeng Baleh in Kapit and SK Siang Siang in Lawas are also hit by rising flood waters but are still operating as of 3pm.

Additionally, the 29-door Rumah Untam Kanyan in Kapit district is under 1.3m of floodwater and over 100 residents are getting ready to be evacuated.