School praised for prioritising special needs children

MIRI: SK Pendidikan Khas Miri has been praised for organising many useful and therapeutic activities benefiting children with special needs.

The primary school kids with physical and mental limitations have been given a chance to grow emotionally and physically via the school’s noble programmes, said Miri MP Teo Yu Keng.

Speaking at the school’s Semarak Seni 2.0 open day over the weekend, he said special students in the school not only have academic lessons, but also sports and games and leisure activities like music concerts, cultural dances, stage shows and other interactive gatherings.

School principal Stanley Aba said Semarak Seni 2.0 with songs, dances, cultural and sports events is just one of the various annual activities devised by the school that is also meant for physical and mental therapy.

“Our school wants to give the special youngsters and children an enjoyable time to develop them physically and mentally. Sports and games programmes, outdoor avtivities with songs and music and stage shows are important initiatives for these kids, their parents as well as their teachers and the community,” he said.

“Aside from creating venues for physical and mental exercise, while they are having fun they will also be able to develop inter-relational skills.

We want to provide more sports, outdoor and indoor activities for them so they can learn to socialise. Besides, they can also keep fit and develop their skills and emotional well-being in these activities as well,” he added.

Stanley hoped the special children self-esteem and confidence would be enhanced via more of such interesting programmes.

Teo, in his speech, said it was good to see SK Pendidikan Khas organising so many activities for the special children.

“The success of this school in developing such activities to help the special children shows that life can be greatly improved for them if they are given a chance to mix with other kids via healthy activities.

“I hope parents of such children will enrol their children into such schools so their kids can have a chance for a better future.

“Do not hide your special-needs children away from public,” he said.

Teo said he would look into allocation requests from schools for the coming year.