School of beauty

Anyone know where to find school of beauty (academy school of beauty) in miri? :roll:

Alan school

Alan school is hairdressing school…im looking such as make-up, facial n etc. ^^

clara beauty academy, evon makeup academy, chernail nail academy

i think avon makeup academy is more famous and well known if you are looking for makeup courses…although their fees a bit more expensive…

  1. just curious, how much the fee is? Cuz, i really want to know. Maybe I should drop by at avon makeup academy … :wink:

Avon’s make up course is around RM12,000 if i am correct…but confirm its over RM10,000…then it lasts for about one year…

wan lao better go get degree lor 10k ~ lols~

hahaha…its a different profession lo…besides 10k not enough to get a degree le…but i admit its a bit expensive to study make up for 10k…