Scariest places in miri.. WHERE?

stand infront mirror and say bloody mary 3x?? hahahah :lol:

yeah i heard of that one.
a virgin girl got rape by an old ghost and got pregnant. half-way thru’ pregnancy the fetus eats its way out of the womb and became the Miri its very own “chucky doll” which is still running lose in the city!

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haha…its not that la…but isit true? :expressionless:
what i heard is after 11pm something people avoid to go ‘lepak’ near that area or even lalu-lalang there because a girl with white dress will sit at the bus stop and asking you to send her home…

just realized it looks like Marilyn Manson!

tanjung lubang. curtin. abandoned old house behind primary school near bntang plaza sk north or south,
can read here too. old blog though

[quote=“terryleong”]im not sure about yall,

but i think abandoned housing areas are usually the hot spots for this creepy hauntingly sweet places for paranormal to exist? ive always thought that it might also be a good spot to start any paranormal investigations there, for those who has the big guts or having the big nuts to try it out…

but for those who are faint of heart should never try it out. just in case you might have a heart attack even when you hear a rat squeeks…


so where else do you think? :P[/quote]

What about 1 night stay at any of Miri cemetery?

i gerenti you guys wont dare … :lol:

my brother told me that near lutong bridge got pocong (malay ghost) and women ghost…his friends saw that thing last few weeks :? somewhere at taman awam.really old and haunted. (forget the road/simpang already)
2.Old hospital site ( new building/shop lot this day)
3. Piasau camp (4 or 5 house with dark history…really old story…the famous one was the pregnant amah who passed away and haunted the place…)
5.the abandoned house near tanjong lobang (after the hill go right and before reach the traffic light)…

When teenager (99-01) i always chill out till dawn and visiting this place before and experience it by myself and friend. there are still more haunted house but i just let the brave group/new generation explore and experience by themselves .just be carefull,dont claptrap,rant and don’t bring back or destroy anything that belong to that place.good luck…

really miss the old day when still free… :smiley: :smiley:

Not based on any rumours whatsoever, but if you want a place for your imagination to run wild go hiking near the Oil Museum at night, alone. Chances are halfway through you’ll get a little scared, but then you are halfway through already, no turning back XD

did that. but we are about 4 guys. not to find paranormal stuff but just to have a bit of military feeling by hiking at night. XD
halfway okay. then my friends torchlight went out suddenly,but we continue on. when we arrive at the spot near the empty house. have this silent and cold feeling eventhough from our starting checkpoint we can clearly hear the ppl playing woofer, really quiet and cold. all of us just kept quite and walk really fast. cos we know got something there. haahaah. near the small river we found a small prawn suprisingly. after u reach the last checkpoint near where the place got a lot of white sand the view is really beautiful. really good experience and different feeling compared to hiking at day.

The place is Lambir National Park , waterfall. Place is haunted even in the day. There are even a sighting of UFO from that area… Many many years back by a group of teacher and students. Many people died in the waterfall. All these are not well known but if you ask the natives around there, they will tell you more… Give it a try if you dare.