Say no to nasi lemak nagaliar!

The quality of Nasi Lemak Nagaliar is getting worse. Last few days, I went there for tapau. The chicken meat is uncooked, still got blood & a part of it is black. I went back to the shop & complaint to them… U knows what they do? They just go heated it up… but then… The black colour of the meat & blood is still there (just like their black face while they serving me). They should know the "Customer Right. My colleague also ever said their food quality getting worst. I wont go there anymore… Ill post the photo later.

ok… i support u…

already tell you it is nasi naga LIAR~~~

It’s so obvious and still fall for it :mrgreen:

Business is too good, forgotten about customer relation and health. :roll:

As discussed before, quality of food in Miri have very short sustainable lifetime, sometimes these outlets desire a slap in the back of the head before they kick-start again and go focusing on their business. So … maybe makanmaniacs can do a re-visit / re evaluate session ? = p …

Yes, I support you also, not only the quality of food is getting worse, the chicken also getting smaller :mrgreen:

Poor hygiene as well… there was a couple of hairs in the fried chicken batter when I went there last week…


May i ask where is this Nasi Lemak Nagaliar? I like to go these places and find fault! hehehe…!

Shopping complex opposite to imperial mall. Did not visit that shop for many years…duno still same shoplot or not. anyway, i used to like the nasi lemak coz they delivered to our office doorstep. especially when rainy days. but now…swt. What had happen to the shop, used to be very popular, don’t wan do business lagi har~. Got many rivals around wa, for example, nasik lemak segar quite good

d only chinese shop dat sell nasi lemak…

if malay sell, the portion is bigger

naga liar well known oredi but agreed the chicken is gettin smaller

chicken getting smaller = RECESSION

raw and undercooked chicken will give you food poisoning and / or intestinal parasites.
everyone be careful when eating there please

Cao Ci Bai… >> ''I wont go there anymore… Ill post the photo later…
Mark your word please… Dont let me see you at there to eat chicken!!!

p/s: Dont complaint soo much… you just unlucky to get the chicken blood ■■■■~~~
& no need to post the ■■■■ photo to show off… cus nobody want to see your ■■■■!!!
If you want to bull your chicken ■■■■ around, then go ■■■■ somewhere but not here… Peace!!!
Chicken big, chicken small is not a big deal!!!
Chinese make, Malaykia make is the same = still ‘‘Nasi Lemak’’
Black colour, red blood blood…it’s still your ‘‘chicken’’ meat
what’s the most important is you have chance to eat the NL ■■■■…

i agree… big chicken small chicken still chicken. only the amount different…
even though if nasi lemak is chinese or malay make, its still nasi lemak. only difference is the taste

where is the pictures?

huh?so nw wan boycott this shop again har?
Lols the tauke kid used to be my ex sch mate~seems his parents oledi earn enough.
But this shop is well known for their small portion. No Doubt bout it.
Well i think this is the first time i heard bout uncooked chicken~Lets vote. IF majority say boycott them.
Well then just boy cott

No Money, no coin… that’s why you only know to complain big & small
Like or don’t like… is just your taste problem
better ■■■■ up your mouth & suck your tasty milk…

If still want to complain big & small, then thats your size problem…
If still dont like your tasty milk, pls dont complain cos it is your original milk…


Shame of you!!!

EeUuRrgGhHhhhHh!!! :? Don’t wanna go there anymore! Talk about their black face…did u ever notice the taukey neo unfriendly-wrinkle-black-arrogant-face??she’s soooooooo not look like a lady in the house, hmm…but she’s tried so hard to act like one though LOL!!!

i stop going there since few months ago when i get “sien” with their taste.

I wan see de pic…