Saxophone lesson

HI… i wondering is there any saxophone lesson in miri???
coz i wanna continue my lesson, halfway done in KL…

any1 know plz let me know…thanks

Which level are you at right now? If you are an advanced learner, then I’m afraid you’d be disappointed. If you are a beginner, you can try Chambers School of Music at Taman Bulatan. Alternatively, you can also try Chicago Music School at Boulevard Commercial Centre or Vivace Music School at Pujut 7. I’d recommend you to try and visit Vivace first as the teacher, Ms. Thia also plays the saxophone.

Good luck.

yep me too…im still a beginner but plan to continue learn further… im wondering if there is any in miri. i’ve checked vivace music school but they only conduct piano & violin lessons… any idea?