Satellite phone

anyone knows where to buy satellite phone in miri…???
which can be use when offshore or in bakun,belaga,ulu baram,bario,long banga etc…bla bla…???
i only know one place with only one model but seems little bit expensive.
anyone who knows,please state the specs,services provided(prepaid or postpaid) and of course…the prices.
thanks guys…

satellite phone? 010 lo

still got 010 meh…??that only the line right?
i also need the phone itself…can put 010 into normal phone?

i dunno

we always get it for our vessel from leader phone shop near shabu shabu

hand phone is prohibited at offshore

just went to the leader phone shop near shabu shabu…
yeap…the satellite phone there cheaper than the one i went before…
thanks for the info dinoxx…cheers!!

011 stil got

Out of curiosity what is the rate for satellite phone per minute ?

very expensive thats what i can say. 010 still exist. but u cannot transfer to normal phone. you have to use the ori phone because it’s built in or something.

at least i think it still exist la :stuck_out_tongue:

i did ask the leader phone shop one or two things…
the satellite phone they have is priced around rm3k…small size like normal hp except a big and long receiver which can be fold to the side…brand ericssons.
then it use celcom coverage…and its only register post-paid line.
if it was use in an area where theres celcom signal coverage,the charges are using normal celcom post paid rate.
but if theres no coverage,it will automatically use satellite signal which is rm1.50 per minute.

whatman: hope i already answered your question…


TM also offering satellite communication. rental is at RM600 per mth

tm… sucking… blood!~~~