Sarawakians lost RM13 mln in Macau scams last year

SIBU: Victims of Macau Scam in Sarawak suffered heavy losses totalling over RM13 million in 140 cases last year.

Sarawak police commercial crime chief Superintendent Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah said the biggest amount conned from a victim was RM1.53 million, with the smallest amount at RM1,000.

He said the total cases last year dropped by 33.01 per cent compared to 2018 but the police were still concerned.

He stated that the most reports were received in Miri at 42, Kuching (33) and Sibu (31).

“Most victims are Chinese (95), 15 Malays and 13 Ibans aged between 19 and 77 with 55 working in the private sector.”

He assured that the police treated these cases seriously with 60 arrested for probe.

In 2018, 47 were arrested.

“We charged 10 in court in 2018. In 2019, 24 were charged.”

On love scams,victims who were cheated online by their so-called ‘lovers’ to the tune of RM4.37 million.

He said the biggest sum involved was RM1.04 million and the smallest sum at RM500.

“A total of 84 victims were conned in these online romances last year, compared with 102 in 2018 – a drop of 18 cases.

Of these, 30 from Miri, 16 from Sibu and 15 from Kuching comprised 43 Chinese, 11 Malays and 19 Ibans, aged between 19 and 68. “Thirty-seven victims were working in the private sector; 11 civil servants while 36 were jobless.”

He said in 2018, they arrested 10 suspects for probe with seven charged.

“Last year, 28 were arrested and 19 charged.” For cases involving online loan services, he said, there were 210 cases last year and 220 cases in 2018.

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