Sarawak to start cloud-seeding for rain

KUCHING: Sarawak will start cloud seeding to induce rain next week.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam said cloud seeding would be carried out over the Sungai Sarawak Kiri catchment area here.

‘‘We have to start cloud seeding activities now because there are still rain-bearing clouds,’’ he told reporters after chairing a meeting on haze at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here Friday.

Dr Chan, also state disaster relief committee chairman, said the current dry spell in the state was expected to prolong for the next few months.

He said, however, that it would only be known in August whether there would be El Nino effect.

Dr Chan said 13 hotspots in the state was detected on Thursday, adding that the Natural Resource and Environment Board (NREB) enforcement officers had gone to the ground to investigate the causes of the fire.

He said the bush fires in the northern region which had adversely affected the air quality had been contained.

On news reports that the water level in certain rivers had dropped, making it difficult for boats to transport goods to the interior settlements, Dr Chan said the Welfare Department would supply essential goods and drinking water to the affected villagers if needed.

So far, he said the authorities had yet to receive any request to deliver the supply.

err…don’t you think this idea

supposed to take place weeks back?

and why next week? why not now? :?:

need to be planned ma… u cant simply drop the seeds… ~_~…

dah pemalas pemalas juak

i wonder what are those metereological people

doing? predicting 4D or TOTO i suppose? :mrgreen:

anyways, we all know (i hope) that there will be

not much rain from now till september. and that was

in the news a few weeks back. planning?

or is this the first time we have this kind of situation… :cry:

dia bullshit punya