Sarawak minister fumes over open burning


Friday June 5, 2009
Sarawak minister fumes over open burning

MIRI: Open burning nightly, which not only causes serious air pollution in northern Sarawak but also poses a health threat, has state Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Develop-ment and Communications Lee Kim Shin fuming.

Lee, who is state assemblyman for Senadin, the state constituency worst affected by the smog and ash, said he had received a lot of complaints over the past two weeks, especially from those suffering from asthma.

He is angry not only with the open-burning culprits, but also with the state Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) for not being strict enough on enforcement.

This is a highly-populated area, and this open burning has not only caused inconvenience but also affected the health of the people, said Lee.

The NREB had already warned the culprits. It is time for action. The NREB must fine or compound those responsible.

It is quite simple. Go and take note of those doing illegal planting. Enforcement must be there apart from education.

Pollution from open burning is a nightly scourge for some 100,000 people living in the Kuala Baram district next to the Sarawak-Brunei border, 35km north of here.

Datuk Lee, if you fuming or angry also no use lah… NO ACTION… and people still continue open burning :evil:

yeah, that time said want to fine those who spotted open burning, where got?? more and more open burning.

Some department saying that it’s a [size=150]mystery[/size]. :oops:

[quote=“The Star”]MIRI: For the last two nights and early mornings, people in Kuala Baram district along the Sarawak-Brunei border have had to endure poor air quality caused by heavy smog and ash.

But the source of the smog remains a baffling mystery as all the local wildfires had been put out, said Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Sherumie Ali.

On Friday morning, officials from the department and the Miri Resident’s Office carried out ground surveillance along the 20km-stretch from the outskirts of Miri city to the end of the Kuala Baram district near the transboundary bridge.

All they found were kilometres of charred remains of burnt forests and vacant land that were ravaged by wildfires recently, but there were no indication of any major new fire.

‘‘We do not know where the smog is coming from. We are still trying to locate the source,’’ he said, adding that there was a minor fire some 7km inland from the Kuala Baram-Miri Airport by-pass but it was not serious.

The Department of Environment in the meantime, said they were also confused as to where the smog and ashes had come from during the night and early morning hours.

‘‘The heavy pollutants during the night and early morning hours may have been blown here from somewhere nearby,’’ a spokesman said.

On the other side of the border, firemen in Brunei are battling some fires in about 10 hectares of land in Kuala Belait, a short distance from the entry point into Sarawak.

According to reports from the Borneo Bulletin, these forests fires had ravaged plots of land in Sungai Liang (60kms from here), Labi, Kuala Belait and Seria highways (about 40kms from here).

However, a check at the border Friday morning showed that there was no wind to bring the haze from Brunei into Miri.

While the mystery continues, Baram folk have no choice but to breath smoggy air at night. [/quote]

yaloh, DaTalk Lee,get heli from hornbill and check out who’s doing all the burning and walk the talk lor :twisted:

i know coastal highway there got open burning, to clear the land for oil palm because i just came back from Gawai Holidays. catch those ppl la. don onli know how to tok…


Yes, Tony. I saw that too. It was too smokey until we can’t see through the opposite side. That’s dangerous. It happened for quite some time. I saw it once on May and it still happen again few days ago when I was on my way back to Miri.

If you ask the NREB director, he also say he is fumed over the open burning and already scolded his subordinates for not doing their job. So, what makes the minister different from the NREB director? Both just talk but no action. :lol: 8)

Indeed, near the airport, the housing developer is burning down the bush or “small forest” as the date of this post. So much for the tourism…and fuming…

talk, no action and pointing fingers!! If no action from the relevant authority, then heads must roll. Not mere lip service.

small time vege planter cannot produce so much smoke

this is from large scale palm plantation…price is so low from oversupply still want to plant more???

Malaysian way of thinking strikes again

i saw this oso a few weeks ago…
stop by road side, take pics and send to NREB officer…

dunno if they go visit the place after that…

During night time especially fuh,even in krokop here can smell the thick haze smoke whatever…as a regular morning jogger at taman bulatan beh tahan smell it,surprisingly i still saw other regular elderly still go have a walk rilek rilek only like taiko haha,but yeah its bad…

Last april heavy rain until flash flood,now almost 2 weeks barely got any rain + open burning,no consideration for other people.

Hey, Datuk Lee, its one week since you fumes over open burning liao… and since then no improvement leh, even getting worst !!!
If your eyes and nose are normal, then you should be able to see and smell the smoke everywhere.

Any idea of the latest API reading? I’m suffocating… :evil:

aiya, they only talk saja lar! DATUK LEE? he only know to talk and never show the action but he like to SHOW FACE on newspaper lor!!! i dont like this guys which he like to talk but i cant c wat he DID to DUN for SENADIN!!!

  1. road condition from permy to senadin like u pakai sampan di sungai & from senadin to lutong hv to SIAM the lubang, if not your sport rim GAO (SUCK)
  2. robbery case (medium)
  4. road light from senadin to kuala baram (SUCK)

MBM>> i complaint and write a email to them but they also no action! just call me ask address n etc!!!

the API show is only the machine API showing good figure!!!
should put the machine at permy area!!! i think night time is over 100 but day time will be reduced!!!

Datuk, stop talking like you are doing your job. Get down and make some ‘actions’ happening. ACT! Damn it.

Open burning near Senadin area has been an annual affair.But first time I hear open burning near airport :!: .Will it not be dangerous for planes landing and take off ?