Sarawak Four Wheel Drive Roadshow Extra Staff (Female Only)

We are an established event company based in Kuala Lumpur. In conjuction with the expansion of our business in Sabah & Sarawak, we’re looking forward to hire some extra contracted Staff to follow us to create awareness and the marketing of our client’s products in Sabah & Sarawak.

Requirement: Pretty, at least 160cm,able to travel from town to town,responsible,able to speak Basic English.
Job scope: Giving out Flyers, Conduct games and help with the administration of the whole event flow.
Starts: (Hotel&Transport provided) and 15/11-5/12 (3weeks;18 working days) in Sabah

Sarawak - (24days working days ; 4 days rest and travel between towns day)
11/10 - 17/10 at Kuching
18/10 - 24/10 at Sibu
25/10 - 31/10 at Bintulu
1/11 - 7/11 at Miri

[8/11-14/11- Break]

Sabah - (18 working days ; 3 days rest and travel between towns day)
15/11 - 21/11 at Tawau
22/11 - 28/11 at Sandakan
29/11 - 5/12 at Kota Kinabalu

Send in resume/profile to with expected salary for the whole duration titled ‘Sarawak and Sabah Four Wheel Drive Roadshow Extra Staff’.