Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud married again next month!

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud married again on 3rd of next month!

For chinese reader, have a read at the following link:

Congratulation, He will get “TUN” title after this.

I Pray he NEVER bring in UMNO … if he does … GG lo sarawak


wah, how is he going to “marry”, @.@…

Give him tongkat ali to eat everyday… sure up up again.

Tongkat ali or Ali tongkat oso susan lah,got holiday or not for Sarawak. :mrgreen:

waseh man…so old liao still want to marry. But love has no boundaries. Happy Wedding to him then

=.= he is really “strong” lo…haha btw is this real or not ?

he needs new queen bah…:slight_smile:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Can use GAMBIR Sarawak leh

tahniah…semoga bahagia

Probably marriage at that age is more to companionship, not merely sex. :smiley:

that good for him so that not feel lonely again…

well as the saying goes, behind every man who has the name, money and power must have the lady behind him to keep the drive going.

Wah Seh, Geng!

he wanna get TUN ma~ like mahathir and pak lah~ like mahathir missuse his power against annuar last time… even can announce in public he caught annuar. he also BO TAI JI !!! :shock:

hopefully it will be declared as “public holiday”… :smiley:

kahwain liao aboi?