Sarawak bloggers

Sarawak Bloggers (SWKBLOGS) is an initiative to unite and gather serious bloggers from Sarawak under one partnership. It was started on January 2010, and has taken a small group of bloggers from a variety of backgrounds as partners under its umbrella.

SWKBLOGS is a non-government association, and is not registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS). With that said, no profit has been taken to set up this group, altough there are plans to enhance SWKBLOGS to greater heights. To achieve that, serious bloggers from around the state of Sarawak are being approached to join in as a partner of SWKBLOGS, while new networks are linked with existing blogging communities in other divisions/districts.

There will be more to come from us as we iron out the details in the near future.

Sarawak Bloggers invites BLOGGERS from Sarawak or residing in Sarawak to be part of us. The basic requirement to be in Sarawak Bloggers is that you must be a Sarawakian, or you are residing in Sarawak. You are also required to publish our badge on the index page of your blog at all times. Membership is FREE.

Bloggers are required to apply to be a member as all blogs will be scanned before they are approved.

Bloggers will also be categorized into three distinctive groups as follows:

CORE TEAM/PARTNER BLOGGERS [Closed for any application]*
The core team will run, manage and also co-ordinate Sarawak Bloggers voluntarily without any payment/allowance.

  • Blogs of the core team do not have to be following any requirements because they will run Sarawak Bloggers, and internal reminders will be sent to them to tidy up their blog.


  • has been blogging for over 2 years (24 months) inclusive of if there is a domain change.
  • layout is neat, well organized and button/badges are arranged nicely.
  • has a good following of readers (will be based on the number of comments received/the number of feed subscribers/number of unique visitors - above 100 a day/and the blog rank by Google - PR 2 and above)
  • blog contents are well moderated by the blogger, with very little spelling errors, and most content are originally from the author, and the blog post have a direction.
  • will be required to submit stats on blog.


  • just started blogging but is actively blogging but with irregular updates.
  • layout is little bit messy
  • average comments per post is less than 5
  • blog post contains too much spelling errors, slang and contains no specific direction.
  • Doesn’t need page rank, or a minimum number of visitors.

Casual bloggers can move into the Prime Bloggers list when they meet the criterion stated, and interested bloggers must send us their blog stats for review.

Blogs will be rejected if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • The blog is a tumblr blog/a tumbler like blog,
  • The blogger is non-Sarawakian and resides outside of Sarawak,
  • It is a racist/porn blog
  • The blog contains too much advert post, and no true post (refer to point #2 of our blogging ethics)

Bloggers will remain a member of Sarawak Bloggers for life once they are accepted. However, the following will revoke them of membership, and they will need to re-apply for entry:

  • The blog fails to publish our badge on the index page for over 30 day. Random checks will be made on the 20th day of every month.
  • Blogger starts blogging about racist/porn topics.
  • Bloggers ‘retire’ from blogging.
  • Blog is not updated with any new post for over 4 weeks (30 days).
    Blogs which have been removed from the Sarawak Bloggers list WILL NOT enjoy the benefits provided by Sarawak Bloggers.

The benefits of Sarawak Bloggers are:

  • Being promoted for FREE via the Sarawak Bloggers list, and also by Sarawak Bloggers
  • Will be invited to any events which is organized for Sarawak Bloggers, or which Sarawak Bloggers is a part of (Depends on availability of places).
  • Be part of a huge organisation of bloggers from all walks of life.
  • Will be able to mingle/meet new people and build up networking.
  • Prime bloggers & the Core team will enjoy priority in event invitation which require a limited amount of bloggers to attend. Take this as a motivation to be ‘up-there’.


come on mirian bloggers…
expand your horizon and stay united under the umbrella of sarawak bloggers. :wink:

I blog since 2007 and since then I blog niche blog.
Making money seriously from blog and all my blog is english.
Run on wordpress script on my own server with their own domain.

This is interesting, who is the chairperson?

I registered, waiting for approval - only for casual bloggers… i’m not a very serious blogger anyway… :smiley:

Just registered it too xD

Thx a lot LadyBird!! I just got in!! This is very useful !!

noted. sharing is caring. :wink:

I’ve received numerous PMs in regards to if I have a Blog or I should blog… Here’s what I have to say about it. Nope, I don’t have a blog page nor do i need to blog… reason being? am happy at where I am. Some people prefer to a own car, and some people prefer to use the public transport… I prefer the public transport… so hope that clear it.

Beside with the kind of work that I am doing, and the time that I may or may not have to spare… I don’t think a blog is suitable for me… But for you guys! you guys should blog! go for it! Make Sarawak proud…! In my heydays, these sort of tools weren’t that available as it is nowadays, so make full use of it!

Just registered. Hope my application enlisted :wink:

Before the Rain-Fest, we pre-launched a Sarawak Bloggers Tees. These tees were in limited edition as we included personal domain and it was only for those whom noticed it. Well, dont fret.

Today, we are gathering a information on how many are interested to own this Standard Edition Sarawak Bloggers tees. The more orders, the lower the price. A verbal discussion with a local shop said they are wiling to print it for RM25, but we are trying to lower it even further, and a huge order will definitely help lower it even further.

[attachment=0]Sarawak Bloggers T-Shirt.png[/attachment]

General info are as follows:

  • All sizes available INCLUDING BABY-T for girls. If you are familiar with OREN brand tees, then we are expecting the sizes to be a little bigger than their (OREN) tees. This goes for the Baby-Ts too.
  • Long sleeves are also available at extra cost (additional RM2 if not mistaken)
  • Only two colours for t-shirt, complete WHITE and BLACK.
  • All Tees are cotton. Yes, 100% cotton.
  • The design is confirmed, but the measurement given may differ.
  • Printing only once this year.
  • Delivery to other places outside of Kuching available, but buyer bears the postal cost. For Kuching/Samarahan bloggers, by hand collection available. For Miri Bloggers, reduced postal charges can be arranged. Postage suggested is by POSLAJU.

So, if you are interested, leave a buzz on our FB Fan Page here, or drop by a comment below. Do fill in the email section if you comment below so that we can contact you when the official price is confirmed. The list of orders will be updated here daily.

This survey will end on August 6th 2010. :smiley:

just wondering whether there’s any registered Sarawak Bloggers who are based in Miri is up for a blogger gathering? love to hear from you. :wink: